Mtg - Horeca
360 ° hotel management

Compatibile con ogni sistema operativo e Utenza


Internet connection

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Data entry of external management

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Media Triveneto Group

Media Triveneto Group è una web agency e software house con sede a Pordenone operativa in tutto il territorio nazionale e in alcune aree internazionali. Grazie al nostro team professionale ed efficiente, siamo riusciti ad ampliare le nostre competenze ed essere operativi nei settori web & e-commerce develop, web applications, IT Technologies, Graphics & Multimedia.

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Mtg - Horeca

It is a complete platform for the 360 ​​° management of your hotel structure.
The software allows the management of both internal operations (booking, room cleaning, reporting, equipment management, personnel management ...), and external (creation of your own website in Italian, English, French, marketing and advertising, social networks ...).

The mobile app for managing reservations and take away is coming soon , compatible with iOS and android


A flexible and modular software for your needs

Room's Booking and management

An easy way to manage your reservations.

Personnel Management

An organized and orderly way to simplify personnel management

Management of vacation packages

Holiday packages sorted and ready to be viewed and edited.

Multilingual website creation

An innovative tool to create your website in a few simple steps.

Accommodation management software

Send guest's information directly to the police station for safety

Table reservation and take away service

Receive directly on your computer table reservations or take away orders.

Restaurant management

Manage table reservations, menus and raw materials.

Bar management

Ordinazione direttamente dal tavolo con il QR Code.

Recipe management

Add and customize your recipes